Pesky Dumpster

Get the Inside Story on your Next Aparment


2 women on a mission to rid the city of pesky apartment experiences.

Through a chance meeting at a lunch hour networking event, Sarah Pinho and Kate Rizzo immediately connected. Kate introduced herself as a real estate broker, and Sarah, having lived in 11 cities, asked Kate if she knew of any resources where one could get legit reviews on specific apartments. Kate did not know of any, but had been asked this question hundreds of times from her clients. Sarah elaborated that, although her current apartment was in a fabulous location with an amazing landlord and a great price, she was initially unaware that the building dumpsters sat underneath her bedroom window. Each week when the garbage truck pulled up to empty the dumpsters, the apartment was filled with the smell of hot garbage. Kate sympathized with Sarah and they both thought, there has to be a better way to get the nitty gritty on your apartment before you move in! A seed was planted, and after neither one of them could get the idea out of her brain, they met for lunch. They realized that, between the two of them, they had a huge advantage, with industry knowledge and startup experience that would allow them to build this product for the renter nation. The rest is history as they continue to strive to make the world of apartment rentals a better place through Pesky Dumpster.